Do you have a story to be told?

If you or a family member have personal experience of living with a facial difference, we would love to hear your story to help us fight for facial equality throughout the world. We are excited to hear your story whether you would like it to be shared on social media, or just keep it anonymous.



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The First Steps:

First just complete the form above, and it will be reviewed by our Communications Director. She will contact you about your story to discuss how you would like it to be shared. If you have any questions about sharing your story, please e-mail us at

How your story will be used

We will use your story for social media campaigns to celebrate differences, raise awareness, and fight for facial equality throughout the world. We will also use your story in presentations at schools, and businesses to show how they can improve. Your story will only be used for FACES, and will not be shared with other charities or third parties.