There are many ways to be part of the growing FACES' Family.

Here are a few opportunities:


Share your story with us!

Each of us has a unique story and journey in life. Your story has the ability to transform others and play a role in spreading awareness about craniofacial differences. Send us your story!


Be social with us!

Follow us on our social media accounts, like our posts, but we also challenge you ​to share because you care.


Be a part of our FACES Support Network:

Be a contact for other families.
If you would like to volunteer to be listed as a contact for new parents of babies born with a particular craniofacial anomaly, please let us know by calling FACES at 800-332-2373. Your words of wisdom and experience can be so helpful to other families who are making the "unplanned journey" down the roads you have already traveled.

Share helpful resources you have found!

The number of resources dedicated to helping those with craniofacial anomalies is rapidly growing. Let us know if there has been a resource you have found to be particularly helpful so that we can share these through our web site and newsletter. We will also be happy to publicize information about resources that you have started yourself in order to assist other families. Some of the best resources we know of were started by mothers of children with craniofacial problems who were determined to share the information and knowledge that was so hard for them to obtain.

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